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Help to buy Items

This sort guide will help you to purchase items in case it is your first time.

STEP 1: View items

You can select items to purchase either from the icons shown different categories or from the entire collection.

Simply select bracelets for example.

If there are bracelets available to buy just press on the link to select it.

Then press any of the pictures to show more details for a particular bracelet.

If you have made your decision press the button add to cart.

The bracelet will be available to you.

STEP 2: Select Items

Select the quantity but keep in mind this its item is unique.

If you are sure press save changes for the system to track your choice.

STEP 3: Fill Details

Please write down your details, your name clearly with your address, your phone number

and your email address. This is mandatory so that the owner of the site can contact you for

shipping and delivery details depending which country you are living at the moment.

Write your shipping address if the delivery address is different the place of working may be

more convenient for you.

Thank you!

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